Microtargeting is a more advanced form of market segmentation. It groups a number of electors into specific segments based on various factors including behavioral predictions. Once identified, microsegments can become the target of personalized direct micromarketing campaigns. Each campaign is meant to target and appeal to specific tastes, needs, wants, and desires of the small groups. The goal of this microsegments is to determine which marketing actions will have the most impact on each set of customers.

This can be done through a combination of techniques and technology such as artificial intelligence, algorithms, and thick data-mining assisting sections that contain behavioral and demographic attributes through special offerings and psychographic categories, life. This new online typology goes beyond the traditional offline segmentation, and it is carried into effect in four axes: by demography, ethnography, psychography and psychopathography of determined universes. This allows us to create simultaneous micro campaigns after we determine exactly what the elector wants and feels about at every level.